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Hotels in Cannaregio

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Cannaregio is often billed as the least "touristy" district in Venice, if only because so much of the sestiere is northwest of the city's big-name sights, activities, and museums. However, the main pedestrian route from the Santa Lucia Railroad Station to the Piazza San Marco runs through the district, and you'll find plenty of food stores, banks, and other businesses along the Strada Nova and the connecting streets between the station and the Rialto area (which is just beyond the lower-right corner of the satellite photo).

For convenience, we've listed our Cannaregio hotels in three groups:

  • Hotels near the train station (southwest of the Cannaregio Canal, which runs from the left side of the photo to the larger Grand Canal).

  • Hotels on the northeast side of the Cannaregio Canal, in the general direction of the San Marco district and the Rialto Bridge.

  • Hotels in the ancient Jewish Ghetto, which are convenient if you're interested in Jewish history or require kosher accommodation and meals.

Aerial Venice Hotels by district:
Cannaregio San Marco
Castello San Polo
Dorsoduro Santa Croce


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