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Kosher House Giardino dei Melograni

Location: Between the Cannaregio Canal and just beyond the Campo del Ghetto Vecchio.

Convenient when:

You require a hotel with kosher breakfast, a kosher restaurant, and mikveh baths in the historic Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

The Kosher House Giardino dei Melograni is located in the oldest part of the Ghetto (the Campo del Ghetto Vecchio), which is between the Gam Gam restaurant and the large square of the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo. The simply-furnished rooms are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. Kosher meals are available daily including Shabbat (when a set "Shabbat meal" is served). In warm weather, you can eat in the private courtyard.

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Aerial photos:

  • The first image shows the Ponte delle Guglie from the Santa Lucia Railroad Station, which crosses the Cannaregio Canal. After crossing the bridge, you turn left and walk along the Fondamenta Pescheria to the Gam Gam restaurant, where you go through a passage with a directional sign for the Ghetto. The Kosher House Giardino dei Melograni is ahead and on the right, just beyond the Campo del Ghetto Vecchio.

  • The second photo, which was taken from the opposite direction, shows the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo (the Ghetto Ebraico's main square). The Kosher House is to the right, near the words "Ghetto Vecchio."

To learn more about the Ghetto and its history (with links to other resources), see our illustrated Venice Ghetto article and our Aerial Venice: Ghetto page.

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