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Early-Morning Flights from Venice Airport (VCE)

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Where to spend your last night in Venice

For early-morning departures from Venice's Marco Polo Airport, we recommend any of these hotel options:

  • A hotel near the Piazzale Roma in Venice's historic center, which will let you walk quickly to ground transportation at dawn. From the Piazzale Roma, it's only a 20-minute trip to Marco Polo by airport bus. See our hotel listings for the Piazzale Roma in several price categories, or--to save time--use our Venice Hotel Map: Hotels near Airport Buses.

  • The Best Western Hotel Bologna or the Hotel Plaza in Mestre, on the mainland. These two hotels are right across the street from the Mestre Railroad Station. From the station, the inexpensive ATVO "Fly Bus" has frequent departures to Marco Polo Airport, and the journey takes only 17 minutes.

  • The Titian Inn Hotel & Residence, a three-star hotel within 900 meters (about 0.6 mile) of the Venice Marco Polo Airport terminal. You can park your rental car if you have one, and a restaurant is nearby. Also convenient is the Courtyard by Marriott Venice Airport, which is about 900 meters from the airport terminals. (Note: We recommend these hotels only if you have a car, since there's no real advantage to staying on the outskirts of Mestre unless you're planning to drop off a rental car or park at the airport.)

If you're a little more adventurous and are willing to pay close attention to the Alilaguna boat timetable, another possibility is also worth considering:

How to reach the airport quickly from the city

Again, you have several convenient choices:

  • ATVO airport bus from the Piazzale Roma. The blue express coaches normally start running at 5 a.m. and take 20 minutes to reach the airport departure terminal.

  • A car taxi from the Piazzale Roma. Figure €30-35 for the fare and 15-20 minutes for the trip.

  • A water taxi from your hotel, which shouldn't take more than 20-25 minutes but can easily cost €100 or more. (However, you'll need to walk from the pier to the terminal when you reach the airport, which can take 10 minutes or so.)


  • For early departures, we do not recommend the Alilaguna airport boat, because the trip will take longer than a bus, car taxi, or water taxi, and you'll waste valuable time walking from the Alilaguna and water taxi piers to the terminal after you reach the airport. (Exception: If you're staying on Murano, the airport boat is worth considering.)

  • We also do not recommend relying on a vaporetto (water bus) to reach the Piazzale Roma if you're leaving at the crack of dawn. You'll save yourself hassle and worry by staying near the airport or the Piazzale Roma. (If your departure is at a more reasonable hour, you can stay anywhere and take the Alilaguna airport boat to Marco Polo Airport.)

  • If you're departing from Treviso Airport, which is about 25 km or 16 miles from Venice, you can book a hotel near the Piazzale Roma and catch the Treviso airport bus, or you might want to spend the night in Treviso's delightful city center (see Venere's Treviso hotel listings) and take a taxi or local bus to the airport.

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