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Mistake 7: Overpacking

From: Top 11 Tourist Mistakes

Calatrava Bridge

ABOVE: Tourists prepare to haul their large suitcases over the Calatrava Bridge, which links Venice's Santa Lucia Railroad Station with the Piazzale Roma.

Mistake #7: Overpacking.

Tourist with too much luggageThe admonition to "travel light" may be a cliché, but it's advice worth heeding--especially when you're traveling to Venice, where private transportation is expensive, vaporetto water buses are often jam-packed, and walking usually requires hauling your suitcases over at least a few of the city's 400+ footbridges.

Cooperativa Trasbagagli Venezia conveyorIf you're in a tour group, your bags are likely to be delivered to your hotel by the Cooperativa Trasbagagli Venezia, which transports luggage in bulk for travel companies. But as as independent traveler, you'll need to fend for yourself.

Our advice:

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