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Venice People Mover

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Venice People Mover - Piazzale Roma station

The People Mover's Piazzale Roma station is at the southwest corner of the square, between the Garage San Marco (left) and the larger Garage Comunale or City Garage.

Piazzale Roma People Mover ticket machine

Buy your ticket at one of the vending machines, which have touch-screen instructions in Italian, English, German, and Spanish.

Escalators in Piazale Roma People Mover station

After you've scanned your ticket at the station entrance, take the escalator to the platform level. (A lift is available for travelers with pets, strollers, wheelchairs, or bulky luggage.)

Upstairs, electronic signs tell when the next train will reach the station.

Platform in Piazzale Roma People Mover station

When your People Mover train arrives, you'll be able to board through the sliding glass doors.

Venice People Mover compartment

For a view of the tracks, board the front or back compartment of the People Mover.


Venice People Mover - Tronchetto station

The People Mover's Tronchetto station is near the road leading into the island, between the parking garage and the water. (When we took this photo on the People Mover's first day of operation, a Lotus sports car was parked outside).

Tronchetto People Mover sign

A sign near the parking garage directs travelers to the People Mover station.

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