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Venice Railroad Station

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ABOVE: The main station hall has ticket windows with clerks; just to the right, on the way to the trains, you'll find ticket-vending machines.

Departing by train

To reach the trains, enter the station via the main stairs or the wheelchair- and stroller-friendly side entrance (see FAQ: Disabled travelers) and go through the lobby to the doors which lead to the platforms.


  • You'll find ticket counters staffed by clerks at the left end of the station hall, but if you're taking a commuter train or don't want to stand in line, use the automated ticket-vending machines on the way to the trains. (For national trains, see How to Buy Tickets from Trenitalia Vending Machines at Rome for Visitors.)

  • The left side of the black electronic sign in the station hall (labeled "Partenze") shows train departure times and tracks.

  • In the train shed, yellow Partenze signboards indicate track numbers for departing trains. Just find your hour of departure (1000, 1400, etc.), then locate your train and platform. (White Arrivi signboards show train arrivals.

  • photoBe sure to validate your ticket by time-stamping it in one of the small yellow machines in the train shed. (Look for the machines on columns next to the platforms.)

  • If your train is departing from platform 15 to 23, bear left as you leave the station hall and go to the second train shed, which is through a passage beyond the deposito bagagli or left-luggage office.

  • Need to use the WC? Read our FAQ: Toilets page.

  • Do you want to eat in the station or buy a snack for the train? See our FAQ: Food and shopping page.

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