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Venice Wi-Fi Network

Cittadinanza Digale

Many travelers find it hard to live without Wi-Fi these days. Being able to connect to the Internet with a notebook, netbook, or smart phone is obviously handy for travel planning, and--just as important--avoiding data-roaming charges with an iPhone, or using Skype with a laptop, can make it cheaper to keep in touch with home.

Venice municipal wi-fi network

ABOVE: A screen capture from the Comune di Venezia's interactive Wi-Fi map. The areas highlighted in green (such as the S-shaped Grand Canal)  have wireless signals. INSET BELOW: Wi-Fi antennas above a city street.

Where to find Wi-Fi in Venice:

Venice Wi-Fi antennasIn Venice, some hotels offer free Wi-Fi, and--if you're lucky--you may run across a bar or café that will supply you with a guest name and password when you buy a drink.

Some Internet points also offer Wi-Fi access, though fees are often high (typically €2 to €3 for 30 minutes of access). The best deal in town, however, is the Comune di Venezia's "Cittadinanza Digitale" public Wi-Fi network. Advance-purchase rates for visitors were €5 for 24 hours,  €15 for 72 hours, and  €20 for seven days when we last checked in January, 2013. (To get these discount rates, you'll need to sign up at at least a week in advance.)

For more information, see Venezia Unica's Wi-Fi page, then buy Wi-Fi online under "Services" on the Venezia Unica Web site.

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