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Venice Airport Boat (2016)

Alilaguna Water Bus


ABOVE: An Alilaguna airport boat approaches San Marco.

Henry James wrote that Venice was best approached by sea. That's still a good rule to follow, even in the airline era--and thanks to the Alilaguna motoscafi from Venice's Marco Polo International Airport, you can heed the novelist's advice for the cost of a local boat ticket.

Alilaguna routes

During the daytime, anywhere from two to five Alilaguna lines may be in operation, depending on the season and Alilaguna's current scheduling whims. The main routes are:

Linea Blu or Blue Line (Airport-San Marco-Stazione Marittima), with intermediate stops at Murano Colonna, Fondamenta Nove, Ospedale, Bacini, Lido, Arsenale, San Zaccaria, San Marco, Zattere, and Giudecca (Hilton Molino Stucky) before reaching the Marittima cruise terminal.

Linea Arancio or Orange Line (Airport-San Marco) with intermediate stops at Fondamenta Nove, Madonna Dell-Orto, Guglie, San Stae, Rialto, and Sant'Angelo.

Linea Rossa or Red Line (Airport-Lido), with stops at Murano Museo and the main Lido station (S.M.E.) on its way to Lido Casino.

(The Alilaguna map also shows a "Linea Verde," or "Green Line," but this is a guided boat tour, not a transportation service.)

  • Tip: If all of the above seems confusing, just go to the Alilaguna ticket booth, show the location of your hotel on a map, and let the ticket clerk decide which boat you need to catch.


Adult one-way fares range from 8 to 15 euros, depending on distance, with a reduction for roundtrips on some routes. "Time tickets" (24 or 72 hours) are also available.

You'll pay an extra euro if you buy your ticket on board, and you can save a euro or two by booking online.

Ticket prices include transportation of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. Additional bags cost 3 euros each.

Please note:

  • Some versions of the Venezia Unica tourist pass (formerly VeniceConnected) include Alilaguna airport transportation, but you may find it simpler just to buy a boat ticket.

  • Alilaguna is a separate company from ACTV, the transit authority that runs Venice's public water and land buses. ACTV's Tourist Travel Cards do not cover transportation on Alilaguna airport boats.

For up-to-date airport-boat timetables, fares, and a route map, click the Alilaguna link on page 2 of this article.

  • Note: If Alilaguna doesn't stop near your hotel and you aren't on a tight budget, see Viator's Venice Transfers & Ground Transport page for information on shared and private water taxis.

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