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Venezia Mestre Railroad Station

From: Mestre, Italy

Train in Venezia Mestre Station

ABOVE: A train waits to depart for Venice from Platform 1 in Mestre's stazione.

VE Mestre station signVenezia Mestre, on the Venetian mainland, is one of the two major train stations in the comune of Venice, Italy. (The other is Venezia Santa Lucia in the city center.) Venezia Mestre serves three groups of travelers:

  • Local commuters, such as workers and university students who live on the mainland but go to Venice each day.

  • Passengers on long-distance trains between other Italian or foreign cities, which often stop at Venezia Mestre on the mainland instead of making a diversion to Venezia Santa Lucia.

  • Tourists who stay in Mestre to save money on hotel rooms, or who park their cars in Mestre before going into Venice for the day or overnight. (If you're in this group, see  Hotels Next to the Mestre Railroad Station and Mestre to Venice by Train.)

Mestre isn't a huge station, but it does have quite a few platforms, and it has all of the services that you'd expect at a station in a small city. It's also a busy place: According to the Venezia Mestre page at Grandistazione.it, VE Mestre handles about 85,000 transit visits and 500 trains per day.


A Google aerial photo map shows the station, downtown Mestre (above the railroad tracks), and the adjacent dormitory and industrial suburb of Marghera (below the tracks). The green "B" on the map points to the station entrance. You can zoom out and use the map's directional controls to see the rail and road causeway between Mestre and Venice.

For more pictures of the station, with captions that describe what you'll find at Venezia Mestre, go to page 2 of this article.

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