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Mestre, Italy

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Mestre railroad station sign

ABOVE: A platform sign in the Venice Mestre Railroad Station. INSET BELOW: The Galleria G. Matteotti in downtown Mestre, and passengers on a commuter train from Mestre to Venice.

Looking for a place to stay? See our Mestre Hotel recommendations.

Galleria G Matteotti - MestreMestre is often regarded as a mainland suburb of Venice, although it's part of the Comune di Venezia. Mestre and its neighboring district of Marghera are located at the foot of the causeway and railroad bridge that lead from the Italian mainland to Venice's historic center.

Travelers to Venice often choose Mestre as a place to stay for three reasons:

  • Hotels in Mestre tend to be less expensive than hotels in the centro storico.

  • Parking is cheaper and easier.

  • Through trains often stop only at the Venezia Mestre railroad station, making Mestre and Marghera more convenient than Venice's Santa Lucia train station for long-distance rail travelers who have early-morning departures.

Mestre to Venice train passengersFrom Mestre and Marghera, it's easy to reach Venice's city center: Trains run often and take only 10 to 12 minutes to reach Venice. Public ACTV buses and the new Mestre-Venice Tram are also convenient.

  • Tip: If you plan to sleep in Mestre and travel into Venice, we strongly recommend reading our "Mestre Hotels" page to avoid booking a hotel in an out-of-the-way location.

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