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San Giuliano Parking

Venice Mestre, Italy

by Durant Imboden

Parking in Venice can be expensive: The last time we checked, a day's parking for a normal car was €21 at the Tronchetto parking garage just outside the historic center and a whopping €30 at the Garage San Marco in Venice's Piazzale Roma.

If such rates are too rich for your travel budget, you may prefer ASM Venezia's San Giuliano Car Parks on the Venetian mainland, where the daily rate for cars was only €5,00 when we last checked in January, 2013. In addition to saving money, you'll avoid the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam on the causeway between the mainland and Venice on a busy weekend or during high season.

San Giuliano parking lot

ABOVE: A car leaves the Porta Gialla parking lot at San Giuliano in Mestre. INSET BELOW: A path in the Parco San Giuliano, and the Porta Gialla or Yellow Gate.

Parco San GiulianoThe Parcheggi San Giuliano along the edge of the Parco San Giuliano in Mestre, a large regional park that you'll see across a canal on your left as you approach the causeway to Venice.

Porta Gialla - Parco San Giuliano MestreThe park has four lots--red, blue, yellow, and a fourth small lot near several boat clubs--but the one that's most convenient for visiting Venice is the "Porta Gialla" or "Yellow Gate" lot on the southeastern border of the park. (See maps.)

From a boat landing near the parking lot, you can catch an hourly water bus to Venice's historic center. (See page 2 of this article for details.)

  • Caveat: You'll need to factor in the cost of transportation to Venice when calculating your parking expense. If your family is large or you're traveling with several friends, it may be cheaper to park in Venice's historic center or near Mestre's railroad station than to buy a wad of boat tickets. Also, the boat's last return trip from Venice is at 7:44 p.m., so parking at San Giuliano isn't practical if you intend to have dinner in the city.

How to reach the Parcheggi San Giuliano:

From the A57 Autostrada or motorway, take the "Venezia" exit and follow road SR11 toward Venice. Watch for a large green area off to your left and exit at SS14. You'll see the park almost immediately. Turn right onto the Via San Giuliano as you approach the park and follow the road a short distance to the Porta Gialla parking lot, which will be on your left. To preview your route, see the "Parco San Giuliano map" on page 3 of this article, click "View Larger Map," and use the Google map controls as needed.

From downtown Mestre or Marghera, the route is similar: Use a local map to find your way east toward the Parco San Giuliano, then follow the Via San Giuliano to the Porta Gialla lot. (Your hotel concierge can help you with directions.)

  • Warning: Ignore touts in official-looking caps who may try to stop you as you approach San Giuliano. They're scam artists who'll try to charge you for taking your car and parking it in an unattended (and possibly illegal) area.

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