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A Day in Amsterdam

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Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam - Netherlands

ABOVE: Catching a snooze in a quiet lounge at Schiphol Airport.

We were chilled to the bone after the boat tour, and several of us were having trouble staying awake. So we headed back to Centraal Station, where we caught a train that stopped at Schiphol Airport on its way to points unknown. (By then, we were so groggy that our 16-year-old son fell asleep on the train. He had to be shaken awake when the train stopped at the airport, much to the amusement of the teenaged girls who were seated by him.)

At Schiphol Plaza, we bought drinks and chocolate in the supermarket near the airport entrance. (We resisted the temptation to try the hemp soda, a soft drink made with hemp extract.) We then entered the terminal and headed upstairs, where all three children--aged 12 to 20--took naps on the upholstered benches in a lounge by the restrooms and café-restaurant.

Later, Dad dined on smoked herring from a seafood stand while the rest of the family ate at McDonald's. Then it was time to retrieve backpacks and other carry-ons from the baggage lockers and fly to Marco Polo Airport for two weeks in a furnished apartment in Venice, Italy, another city famed for its canals.

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