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ABOVE: The ms Rotterdam arrives in Rotterdam, Netherlands after a cruise to Scandinavia. INSET BELOW: Eurodam, Maasdam, Prinsendam, and a lanai stateroom with access to a promenade deck.

EurodamHolland America Line transported some 850,000 immigrants to the United States in its heyday as a Dutch transatlantic steamship company. Service between Rotterdam and New York ended in 1971, and today HAL is an American-owned "premium cruise line" with 14 ships that serve more than 600,000 guests per year.

Maasdam in NorwayHolland America has an extensive program of cruises in Europe during 2017, with 56 cruises in the Mediterranean, 55 in Northern Europe, and a smaller number of transatlantic crossings in spring and fall.

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam signNote for Rotterdam fans: HAL's Rotterdam (see our ms Rotterdam cruise review) now offers a substantial number of cruises, including roundtrip itineraries, from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The city of Rotterdam is as underrated as it is interesting, and the voyage from the city center to the North Sea takes the ship through one of the busiest ports in the world. Best of all, Rotterdam is only an hour from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, so international connections are easy.

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Holland America Line

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