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ABOVE: MSC Lirica in Santorini, Greece.

photoMSC Crociere, a.k.a. MSC Cruises, is a subsidiary of Italy's Mediterranean Shipping Company. The line will have 17 ships operating during the 2019 cruise season, including two new ones: MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa.

photoMSC offers Mediterranean cruises throughout most of the year, plus itineraries in Northern Europe during the spring and summer months.

Although MSC's officers are Italian and most passengers are from Continental Europe, the company has sales offices in a number of English-speaking countries (including the U.S. and the UK), and English is one of the five official languages spoken on board.

See the "Cruise review" link below for our personal account and photo gallery of a roundtrip cruise from Venice on MSC.

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MSC Cruises

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MSC Magnifica in Venice, Italy

MSC Musica in Venice, Italy

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