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Nicko Cruises

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ABOVE:  MS Bellissima cruises from Passau to Budapest. INSET BELOW: We once spent a week on Casanova, which now cruises on the Rhine and its tributaries.

imageNicko Cruises  is a long-established German cruise operator. In 2009, when Peter Deilmann exited the river-cruising business, Nicko Cruises acquired many of its highly-regarded ships. Today, Nicko's river and coastal fleet has nearly dozen "classic" and "modern" vessels.

Nicko Tours logo on BELLISSIMAAlthough announcements, programs, etc. are available in both German and English, the official onboard language is German, so you won't get full value from your cruise unless you're comfortable with Deutsch. (Exception: Nicko will provide English-speaking guides for groups of 25 or more Anglophone passengers.)

In 2020, Nicko will also have ocean cruises on two purpose-built small ships: World Explorer and World Voyager.

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Nicko Cruises

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