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ABOVE: Ventura leaves Malaga, Spain. INSET BELOW: The Aurora cruises past Elba.

photoP&O Cruises is the British half of P&O Princess Cruises, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation. It serves upmarket travelers from the UK, with cruises that range from a few days to two weeks or more in length.

Most P&O cruises are roundtrip voyages from Southampton. However, the company does offer "fly-cruises" that depart or arrive in Mediterranean ports.

A number of P&O cruises are billed as "exclusively for adults" (a more elegant replacement of P&O's earlier term, "child-free.") If you believe that children should be unseen and unheard, P&O may be just your cup of English breakfast tea.

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P&O Cruises

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Oriana in Venice, Italy

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