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Vista Suite

Vista Suites are the least expensive accommodations on the Silver Whisper, but you'd never confuse them with basic cabins on mainstream cruise ships. For one thing, they're a lot bigger, with 287 square feet or nearly 27 m of floor area.

We toured Vista Suite 433 during an open house. It proved to be almost identical to the Veranda Suite that we stayed in last year, except for having a window instead of a balcony.

Before seeing a Vista Suite, we thought it might feel claustrophobic in comparison to a suite with a balcony and sliding glass doors. We were wrong. The lack of a balcony between the cabin interior and the ship's perimeter creates an even greater awareness of the ocean, and both of us felt that a Vista Suite would be a wonderful (and cozy) place to curl up with a book and enjoy the view in cool weather or rough seas.

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