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Silver Whisper
Silversea Cruises
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Silver Whisper photo - Medallion Suite


Medallion Suite

You may need to book early if you want a Medallion Suite, since the Silver Whisper has only two. Each has 521 square feet (50.6 m) of space, or about 50% more floor area than a Veranda Suite. Unlike a Veranda Suite, a Medallion Suite has a glass wall around the sleeping area and a separate toiled cubicle in the bathroom. It also has a CD player (shown on the wall in the photo above).

Although a Medallion Suite is cheaper than a Silver Suite (which also has a glassed-in sleeping area), it's about 25% smaller and lacks a dining area. Like other higher-priced suites, it has a sofa that opens into a berth for a third passenger.

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