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Silversea photo - The Bar


The Bar

The Silver Whisper has five bars, including one called simply "The Bar." This is the ship's main cocktail venue in the evening, and it's usually open from 6 p.m. until the last guest zig-zags off to bed.

The Silver Whisper Quintet normally offers dance music before dinner, and there's more music later in the evening from the ship's five-man combo or a disco DJ.


  • If you've ordered a drink before the evening show, you can carry it with you to the Viennese Lounge through a door at the back of The Bar.

(By the way, this picture of The Bar wasn't taken during a lifeboat drill or a mal de mer epidemic; it's a publicity photo that may have been shot early in the day when The Bar's patrons were still recovering from the night before.)

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Photo: Copyright © Silversea Cruises. Used by permission.