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Bulgari or Bvlgari photo


The Bulgari shop

Bulgari, or Bvlgari if you spell like a Roman emperor, has expanded from its flagship store on the Via Condotti in Rome to an international empire of 155 boutiques. Its products include contemporary Italian jewelry, perfumes, leather bags, and silk scarves.

The Bulgari shops on the Silver Whisper and its sister ship, the Silver Shadow, carry items that range from neckties to necklaces. We didn't do more than peek into Bulgari during our cruise (our loyalty to Goodwill kept us from shopping there), but Cheryl did hear a lady say that she'd spent her husband-imposed limit of US $20,000 one morning.

The Boutique.

If Bulgari is beyond your means, we suggest browsing in the Silver Whisper's other shop, which is simply called "The Boutique." You'll find cruise wear, gifts, costume jewelry, and more practical item, along with souvenirs like t-shirts ($20) and coffee mugs ($7) that won't require you to sell the trailer.

Please note:

  • Because of customs regulations, Bulgari and The Boutique aren't open in port.

  • Bvlgari is pronounced "BUL-gury," not "Bul-GAR-y." (But you can pronounce it any way you like if you're spending $20,000.)

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