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Silver Whisper photo - stewardesses


Sweetly pretty* stewardesses

The Silver Whisper's stewardesses wear grey uniforms with white trim during the daytime; in the evening, they change into black uniforms with white aprons.

We were impressed by the housekeeping staff's attention to detail. The only time we experienced any minor lapses in service was after our regular stewardess left the ship in Corfu--reportedly because of back problems--and others had to cover for her. (By "minor lapses," we mean a slight delay in replacing a bar of hand soap and forgetting to replace a fruit plate that had been taken from our suite on a room-service tray. The fact that we even noticed such omissions shows how conditioned to perfection we'd become after a week on the Silver Whisper.)

* "Sweetly pretty" is a term much used in the delightful children's books of the late author and actress Noel Streatfeild, who was one of the most engaging novelists of the 20th Century.

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