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Chef Franck Garanger photo

Culinary demonstration

Taboulé de thon au beurre d'agrumes

During our first sea day en route to Venice, we were treated to a "Food and Wine Pairing" demonstration by Chef de Cuisine Christophe Muller of the Restaurant Paul Bocuse, Silversea Cruises Corporate Chef Franck Garanger (shown in the photo above), and Head Sommelier Gabriele Chiappini of the Silver Whisper.

The chefs showed how to prepare two items: "tabbouleh" with tuna and citrus butter sauce, and sautéed fresh foie gras with spiced sauce. Chef Garanger then strolled through each row of the Viennese Lounge, displaying the finished dishes to every guest while waiters served portions of the food with white and red wines chosen by the sommelier.

(Note: After the caption above was written, Franck Garanger left Silversea to open his own restaurant, Garanger's, in London.)

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