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Silversea photo - room-service breakfast


Room service: breakfast

The Silver Whisper offers an extensive room-service menu at breakfast. In the photo above, you can see banana pancakes, fresh fruit, Müesli, pastries and rolls, coffee, and hot chocolate.

To order breakfast from room service, just indicate what you want on the breakfast menu and hang it on your suite's doorknob before you go to bed.


  • If you want two orders of an item, be sure to write in the number "2." (Otherwise, the kitchen won't know that you both wanted banana pancakes.)

  • Be prepared for large portions of some items and small portions of others. (One request for cold ham brought a large plate of cold cuts, while another passenger ordered hash-brown potatoes and got one potato cake the size of a silver dollar.)

  • If you want European-style café au lait, write "pot of cappucino" or "pot of espresso and pot of hot milk" on the menu. (Even though the cruise line is owned by an Italian family, Silversea lists only the default American-style coffee on the menu.)

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