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Silver Whisper
Silversea Cruises
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Silversea sommelier photo


A sommelier offers the day's wines

On the Silver Whisper and other Silversea cruise ships, wine is poured freely (and free) at lunch and dinner. It's good wine, too--fine enough to merit an exclamation of surprise and pleasure from a British oenophile who shared our table on the first evening of the cruise. Another passenger, a food critic, later commented that the white wines were especially good.

The ship also has a "Connoisseur's List" of special vintages that can be poured on request, but those extra-cost wines aren't on the menu, and we never heard the sommeliers mention them during our cruise. (That's one of the things that makes a Silversea cruise so enjoyable: the sommeliers are there to recommend and serve wine, not to sell.)

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