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Silver Whisper Terrace Cafe photo


Alfresco breakfast in the Terrace Café

From 7:30 to 10:00 a.m., the Terrace Café serves an elaborate buffet breakfast. You sit down at a table, order coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from your waiter, then head for the buffet line. When you've heaped your plate with smoked salmon, Danish pastries, and other goodies, another waiter will insist on taking the plate and following you back to your table. (This isn't just attentive service; it also helps to prevent carpet stains.)

Although most of the Terrace Café's tables are inside, you can step through the electrically operated glass doors and choose a table overlooking the ship's fantail. We never had any problem getting an outdoor table to ourselves. In the photo above, we were having breakfast after the ship's arrival in Naples, Italy.

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