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Silver Whisper photo - Terrace Cafe


Terrace Café

At breakfast and lunch, the Terrace Café--located on Deck 7--is a buffet-style restaurant.

Breakfast (see next page) offers everything from Continental-style rolls and croissants to omelettes.

At lunch, the choices include salads, seafood, cold cuts, various hot entrées, fresh-cooked pasta, and other items, plus a large selection of desserts.

In the evening, the Terrace Café becomes an elegant sit-down restaurant for 50 guests. The menu is designed around a specific cuisine, with themes such as "La Cucina Italiana," "Paris-Nice," or "Secrets of the Sea." On an Italian night, the waiter might bring an appetizer, soup, two small pasta courses, a sorbetto, and other items from a set tasting menu, followed by one of two entrées and dessert.

About dinner reservations:

You'll need a reservation for the theme dinners in the Terrace Café. On our voyage, you could reserve days in advance, but we've heard reports of cruises where reservations were available only on the day of the meal. Our suggestions:

  • Try to reserve as early as you can. The Silversea Chronicles newsletter will list the nightly dinner themes on the first day or two of the cruise, so decide what nights you'd like and reserve by telephone during meal hours or see the Terrace Café's maitre d' at breakfast.

  • Late each evening (after 10 p.m. or so), you'll see the menu for the next day's dinner outside the Terrace Café. If you have a reservation, check the menu to see whether it appeals to you. In the event that you don't like the chef's choices, please cancel your reservation early the next morning so the maitre d' can give your seats to passengers on the waiting list.

  • If same-day reservations are required on your cruise, call or see the maitre d' early in the day (preferably at breakfast) to book a table.

  • It's best to try for one dinner in the Terrace Café early in the cruise before you've made friends on the ship. (Later in the voyage, you may find yourself cancelling Terrace Café reservations and dining with new acquaintances in the Restaurant instead.)

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Photo: Copyright © Silversea Cruises. Used by permission.