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Silver Whisper photo - dress code

Dress code

Tuck in that shirt!

Just like your high school, the Silver Whisper has a dress code (although it doesn't forbid miniskirts, come-hither hairdos, or patent-leather shoes).

During the day, men tend to wear polo shirts and slacks or bermuda shorts, with women leaning toward a North American "resort wear" look. You won't be sent to your cabin if you wear a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt or a John Deere baseball cap, but you're likely to feel conspicuous amid the Country Club Casual set.

At 6 p.m., the dress code goes into effect. Depending on the day, clothing is supposed to be:

Casual. "Dress or blouses and pants for the ladies, sports shirts and slacks for the gentlemen." (Some people dress up anyway.)

Informal. "Dresses or pantsuits for the ladies, jackets for the gentlemen." (In theory, men aren't required to wear ties, but most do--and quite a few men are in business suits. The women's outfits vary from church clothes to stylish dresses.)

Formal. "Evening gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits for the ladies, tuxedos or dark suit for the gentlemen." (On our cruise, the vast majority of the men wore tuxedos or white dinner jackets--occasionally with a flashy waistcoat or cummerbund. The women's outfits ranged from little black dresses with Pashmina shawls to prom gowns. Still, nobody sneered at men in black or navy suits with conventional neckties, and only a few of the women looked as if they were on their way to a ball. A few brave souls simply did their own thing--among them, a silver-haired gent whose navy blazer and white trousers gave him the look of a yachting official.)

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