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Song and dance

Las Vegas-style production numbers are a staple of cruise entertainment, and the Silver Whisper maintains the tradition with help from the Jean Ryan Production Company. On our cruise, the shows featured eight talented performers:

  • Two vocalists with experience in Broadway musicals: Jim Weaver and Catherine LaValle. (Jim has the sophistication of a Bobby Short or a Fred Astaire, while Cathy's vocal range shows her classical training.)

  • An adagio team, Dorota Sosik-Usniacki and Robert Usniacki, who trained at Poland's National School of Dance and performed classical ballet. Their act combines dance moves and Cirque du Soleil-style aerial numbers with lifts that are reminiscent of pairs figure skating.

  • Victor Marquez, a former gymnast on the Spanish National Team who can toss himself through the air or breakdance with equal aplomb.

  • Three dancers from Britain: Sophie Jakubowska, Emily Burton, and Sarah Tudor, whose credits range from the English National Ballet Company to pantomime.

The melding of these disparate talents occasionally seemed a bit forced during our cruise (tumbling and Andrew Lloyd Webber don't always go together), but the shows were pleasant enough, and the individual performances were often impressive.

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