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Silver Whisper - Copyright (c) Silversea CruisesPhoto Gallery:
Silver Whisper 2002
Silversea Cruises
from Europe for Visitors

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This gallery is intended to provide information on the Silver Whisper and the Silversea cruise experience through detailed captions. About half of the photos were provided by Silversea Cruises; the uncredited pictures were taken by Durant and Cheryl Imboden.

The ship (4 images)
Embarkation and safety (4)
Accommodations (8)
Dining (10)
Bars (3)
Bridge (4)
Bulgari and The Shop (2)
Casino (2)
Crew (2)
Culinary demonstration (2)
Dress code (1)
Entertainment (2)
Fitness and recreation (6)
Launderette (1)
Maintenance (1)
Mandara Spa (2)
Other public areas (2)
Tenders and shuttle (6)

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Photo: Copyright © Silversea Cruises. Used by permission.