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Silver Whisper photo - tender in Itea Greece


Pierside in Itea, Greece

In some ports, even a relatively small vessel like the Silver Whisper is too big to tie up at the pier--or the town may not have a pier at all. Fortunately, there's an easy solution: The ship just anchors in the harbor and takes passengers ashore in tenders, or launches.

On our cruise, tenders were used in three ports: the Greek towns of Monemvasia and Itea, and Taormina, Sicily. Silversea ran tenders at frequent intervals throughout the day, and there were always plenty of empty seats. (This often isn't the case on larger ships, where tender capacity may be inadequate at the beginning of the day when hundreds of passengers may be trying to go ashore at the same time.)

In each port where tenders are used, the crew sets up a tender station with an umbrella or canopy, a few chairs if benches aren't available, and an ample supply of bottled water.

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