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Lyon, France
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You'll still find the occasional pissoir in Lyon, and public toilets in bars or cafés may be of the squat-over-a-hole-in-the-floor Turkish design. A far more pleasant alternative is the modern self-cleaning toilette automatique, a so-called "street toilet" that's often found near parks.

After you've inserted a € 0,20 coin in the vending slot, the door unlocks and you step inside to find a freshly washed and disinfected toilet that resembles a giant bedpan. When you've completed the task at hand, you make like Elvis and leave the building.The toilet then flips up against the back wall, where it's hosed down and disinfected by a robot janitor.


  • You have only 15-20 minutes to complete your business before the door unlocks, so don't plan on reading the works of Stendahl while you're on the stool. Also, don't try sneaking in after the last customer leaves, or you'll feel like a pedestrian in a drive-through car wash.

  • Children under 10 reportedly aren't allowed in these toilets without an adult.

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