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MS Maribelle
Viking River Cruises
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Along the river

Vertically sliding bollards within a lock can be used to lash a ship or boat against the sides. As the water level changes, the mooring device stays with the vessel.

The MS Maribelle was designed to fit into the locks along the Rhône and the Saône with only inches to spare on each side. The captain uses the rudders and bow thrusters to keep the vessel centered while traversing the locks. (Sometimes I woke up at 4 or 5 a.m. to the whining bursts of the bow thrusters as the ship went through a lock.)

Ships hang rubber bumpers over their sides to protect their hulls in locks, but some scuffing is inevitable. During the captain's farewell reception, the hotel manager claimed that the MS Maribelle's deckhands spent less time painting than sailors on other Rhône River vessels because captain Michel Fortier and second captain Sandrine Duwell were so skilled in maneuvering the ship through locks.

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