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Cruise manager

Marc Sullivan was the cruise manager on the MS Maribelle's 2003 "French Vineyards & Vistas" itinerary. The passengers got a kick out of the dry British wit that he exhibited during port briefings and lectures. (Marc is an old hand at dealing with American travelers; before joining Viking River Cruises, he worked summers as a leader of escorted tours in France and other European countries.)

During one of our afternoons of cruising down the river, Marc presented a lecture on French government. His observations were enlivened with anecdotes from his own 12 years as a homeowner in France.

On another afternoon, Marc gave the best one-hour language lesson that I've encountered anywhere. He taught the basics of what might be called "shopping French" in a real-world context. Instead of just teaching phrases like "Bonjour" and "Merci," he gave a cultural lesson on how to enter shop, exchange pleasantries with the owner, make your purchases, and show the proper courtesies when leaving.

Along with his fellow crew members, Marc Sullivan is one reason why the MS Maribelle was the top-ranked ship in Viking's fleet during 2003.

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