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Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia (2)

Approaching the Old Harbor in Dubrovnik

The trip by tender lasted only a few minutes. As we approached the city, we could see St. John's Fort and the Old Harbor through the boat's open doorway.

Arrival by tender in Dubrovnik

The tender delivered us to a stone pier in the Old Harbor.

Glass-bottom boat ticket vendors in Dubrovnik

Near the tender landing, young women sold tickets for glass-bottom boat tours and excursions to Lokrum Island.

Couple and dog in Dubrovnik

A couple and their dog enjoyed a morning stroll on the waterfront.

Narrow street in Dubrovnik

We'd visited Dubrovnik several times previously, so today, we were starting our day with something different: a ride up Mount Srd (the hill behind the city) on the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

To reach the lower station, we headed up a side street on the north side of the Old City.

Ulica Petra Kresimira IV sign in Dubrovnik

The cable car's valley station was on a busy east-west street called Ulica Petra KreŇ°imira, just north of the Old City's walls.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

The station was easy to find: All we had to do was follow the descending cable car.

Dubrovnik Cable Car lower station sign

Dubrovnik Cable Car ticket

We entered the station, bought our tickets (87 kuna, or about 12 euros each), and waited a few minutes to board the aerial cable car.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car has two cabins or gondolas that counterbalance each other: As one goes down, the other goes up. Each cabin holds a maximum of 30 passengers and takes slightly less than four minutes to cover the 405 meters or 1,329 feet from sea level to the top of the mountain.

Dubrovnik cablecar ride

In this telephoto picture, which Cheryl took from the lower station, you can see both of the cable car's gondolas and the single pylon that supports the cables between the two stations.

View from Dubrovnik Cable Car

We took this photo about midway through the ascent, just after passing the pylon (the grey column on the right side of the picture). In it, you can see the city walls and boats in the Old Harbor.

View of Lokrum island from Dubrovnik Cable Car

This view shows Lokrum Island, which is a 15-minute boat ride from the Old Harbor. The island--a nature reserve--is popular for picnics, swimming, and forest walks. It has a small naturist beach and a hilltop fortress that's open to the public.

Upper station of Dubrovnik Cable Car

After enjoying the views and grabbing a few snapshots, we reached the upper station atop Mount Srd. The air was pleasantly cool, compared to the hot July temperature at sea level, and there was a steady breeze.

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