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Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia (4)

Fortress and Old Harbor in Dubrovnik

As we walked from the Dubrovnik Cable Car's lower station to the Old City, we had good views of the Old Harbor and medieval fortifications. (For a photographic tour of the Dubrovnik City Walls from an earlier visit, click here.)

Gate to Old Harbor in Dubrovnik

A bridge and gate led through the walls and into the Old City.

Dubrovnik cannon

From a rampart near the Old Harbor, a cannon pointed threateningly (but harmlessly) at L'Austral.

It was now midday, and the July heat in Dubrovnik's Old City was as relentless as the noon sun's glare.

Near the town center, a Catholic Church and a "culture club" competed for the attention of passersby.

Tourists were everywhere--some alone, some with friends or family members, and others in large tour groups.

L'Austral tender landing in Dubrovnik

We needed a break from the heat and the crowds, so we caught a tender back to L'Austral. (The ship wasn't due to leave until midnight, so there was plenty of time for another visit to the city in the afternoon.)

Tender arriving at L'Austral

The ship was a welcome sight, with its interior shade and air conditioning.

Cockta soft drink bottle

Our cabin was the perfect place to sample a bottle of Cockta, an herb- and citrus-based Slovenian soft drink that we'd found in the cola section of a Dubrovnik supermarket on our way back to the Old City.

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