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Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia (5)

Compagnie du Ponant tender landing

Dubrovnik from L'Austral's tender

After lunch, Cheryl returned to Dubrovnik to take random photos of the city center.

Produce delivery cart in Dubrovnik

As Cheryl got off the tender, she saw a delivery man waiting with a load of fresh produce for the ship's galley.

Tourists in Dubrovnik's Old Harbor

Not far away, tourists peered over the harbor breakwater.

Dubrovnik map on stone wall

A tourist map on a stone wall gave an overview of the city center. (Look closely at the map, and you'll see the tender pier, which is the narrow finger-like projection within the Old Harbor on the right side of the Grad or city.)

Tourist shops in Dubrovnik 

Inside the Grad, it seemed obvious that tourism was Dubrovnik's main industry--at least in the city center.

Tourists at shop in Dubrovnik

Shop for cruisers in Dubrovnik

One tourist shop catered specifically to cruise passengers. (In addition to the neon sign, it displayed logos for MSC Cruises, Costa, and Royal Caribbean.)

Lady and cat in Dubrovnik 

Cat nap in Dubrovnik

As Cheryl got away from the main shopping district, the streets became quieter and the atmosphere was more relaxed. 

Cat in Dubrovnik

This cat was wearing feline camouflage: Its white coat nearly matched the Istrian stone pavement.

Steps with greenery in Dubrovnik

Stairs led up a narrow back street that was lined with greenery.

Guillotine in Dubrovnik

A guillotine served as a warning to plant thieves.

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