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Day 6: Hvar, Croatia (3)

Tourist sign in Hvar

After our stroll on the waterfront, we turned inland to explore Hvar's modern residential neighborhoods. A tourist sign pointed the way to a supermarket, beaches, restaurants, and other places of interest.

Note: The icon with the concentric circles represents the city center, not an archery or rifle range.

Croatian flag

The Croatian flag flew near a supermarket and a football field.

Croatian license plate coat of arms

The country's coat of arms was on every local license plate.

Stars and Bars in Hvar, Croatia

The Croatian checkerboard also adorned Hvar's version of a Confederate flag from the American Civil War (a.k.a. the "War Between the States" or, in some circles, the "War of Northern Aggression"). We don't know for sure, but we're guessing it had something to do with the Croatian Confederate Soldiers who fought for the South between 1861 and 1865.

Dalmatian Island Safari vehicle

This 4WD vehicle of Dalmatian Island Safari had a canine graphic theme.

Karlovacko beer

Durant toasted his Confederate ancestor, General John D. Imboden, with a refreshing can of KarlovaĨko Beer. The Pilsner-style lager is brewed in the Croatian mainland city of Karlovac.

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