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Day 6: Hvar, Croatia (5)

Spanish Fortress in Hvar

Turnng inland, we walked toward Hvar's main square. Above us, the Spanish Fortress (built in the 16th Century) overlooked the town. We resisted the temptation to climb the hill in the blistering July heat.

Main square of Hvar

Hvar Cathedral

Hvar's main square, or Pjaca, was wide and deep--several blocks long, in American terms. At the far end was the Katedrala Svetog Stjepana, a.k.a. St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Wedding in Hvar

As we walked closer to the Cathedral, guests were beginning to arrive for a wedding.

Musicians arriving for wedding in Hvar

A string trio came across the Pjaca, headed for the church.

Children at Croatian wedding

Little girl in Hvar

Little girls with baskets posed for photographs.

Supermarket in Hvar

Meanwhile, daily life went on near the Cathedral--for example, at this supermarket on the north side of the square.

Electric vehicle in Hvar

An electric delivery vehicle glided almost soundlessly through the car-free Pjaca.

Dog in Hvar's Pjaca

A dog enjoyed the view from an outdoor café.

Public market in Hvar, Croatia

Just off the north side of the square, near several municipal parking lots, food vendors displayed their wares in a covered market.

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