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Day 7: Rab, Croatia (3)

Croatian coat of arms in Rab

We saw the Croatian coat of arms in Rab's old town of Kaldanac, as we'd done in Hvar the previous day. (As longtime dog aficionados, we couldn't help thinking of the Nestlé Purina logo, which was inspired by the Ralston Purina checkerboard logo of 1902.)

Dog licking chops in Rab

This dog may have been thinking about Nestlé Purina, too.

Arched passage in Rab, Croatia

Arch in Kaldanac, Rab

Street in Rab Old Town

Street with archway in Rab's old city

Archway in Rab, Croatia

Arches seemed to be a running architectural theme in Rab's medieval center: There were arches everywhere, down streets and underfoot.

Arched doorway

Not all of the arches were medieval: This modern wooden doorway was rounded at the top, with portholes and door handles that looked like eyes and nostrils.

As we walked around Rab's historic center, we encountered the Town Loggia, which was built in 1509. 

Stone carving in Rab, Croatia

Balcony in Rab, Croatia

Nearby, a stone balcony was guarded by three carved lions. 

Mother and daughter in Rab, Croatia

Unfazed by the proximity of lions, a mother and daughter pushed a tiny bicycle through the center of Rab's old town.

Camp David Polo Team shop in Rab

Businesses in the town center consisted mostly of slightly upscale tourist shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants. (We were intrigued by the "Camp David Polo Team" clothing in this shop window, since we hadn't realized that Camp David had a polo team.)

Many of the tourists in Rab were from German-speaking countries, possibly because the naturist movement--which has a large Germanic following--was pioneered on the island of Rab more than 75 years ago.

Mosquito repellent in Rab

Nudists and mosquito repellent are natural allies, and the owner of this shop appeared to be earning big profits from bare skin.

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