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Day 7: Rab, Croatia (5)

Komrčar Park, Rab, Croatia

Walking path in Komrčar Park, Rab

After exploring Rab's historic center, we took a walk in Komrčar Park, which is right next to downtown. The former hillside cow pasture has 8.3 hectares or 20.5 acres of trees, shrubs, and walking paths. (It's also said to be a popular gay cruising area at night, especially during the tourist season.)

Couple in Komrčar Park, Rab, Croatia

The park was a welcome source of shade and occasional sea breezes on the hot July day.

Cafe tables in Komrčar Park, Rab, Croatia

Vendors' stalls in Komrčar Park

Hat vendor in Komrčar Park, Rab, Croatia

At the bottom of the hill, we found a café, a hotel, and a row of souvenir stalls.

Rab waterfront

Boats in Rab

L'Austral was due to sail in mid-afternoon, so we returned to the waterfront before the final tender left at 2 p.m. Along the waterfront were several excursion boats. (It's also possible to ride an inexpensive "taxi boat" to the FKK Frkanj or naturist beach at Kandarola outside of town.)

L'Austral tender in Raj

With little time to spare, we boarded L'Austral's tender on Rab's central waterfront and returned to the ship.

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