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Day 7: Rab, Croatia (6)

Passengers on L'Austral's marina

L'Austral was supposed to sail at 2:30 p.m., but just before departure time, the cruise director made a surprise announcement over the loudspeakers:

In response to passenger demand, the captain was allowing a group swim. Passengers were invited to report to the marina, where officers and cadets in Zodiac boats were setting up float lines and preparing to act as lifeguards.

Swimming in Rab, Croatia

Swimmers in Rab, Croatia

Within minutes, dozens of guests were in the water, with the town of Rab as a backdrop to the swimmers.

Bathers on L'AUSTRAL's marina

Inflatable mattress in Rab harbor

Swimmers and Zodiac boat

Passengers who wanted a buoyancy boost could choose from a variety of inflatable devices and beach toys.

Paris Ballet C'Show dancer and Jerome Pierre of L'AUSTRAL

Jerome Pierre, L'Austral cruise director

The passengers were joined by performers from the Paris Ballet C'Show dance company and L'Austral's cruise director, Jérome Pierre.

Beach toys on L'AUSTRAL

Zodiac from L'AUSTRAL in Rab, Croatia

After about 40 minutes, it was time to bring in the beach toys and reel in the float lines so L'Austral could depart for Venice.

L'AUSTRAL ship's wake

L'Austral was underway by 3:40 p.m.

Nudists waving farewell to L'AUSTRAL

As we left Rab and its harbor behind, a nudist couple waved farewell from shore.

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