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L'Austral Cruise Photos

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Door to bridge on L'AUSTRAL

Our cabin on L'Austral was just a few doors away from the Bridge, where the door was open for several hours each morning.

Bridge on L'AUSTRAL

Passengers talking to the captain on L'Austral

Captain Remy Genevaz on L'AUSTRAL

Passengers could wander in, admire the navigation gear, and talk to Captain Rémi Genevaz (lower photo) or the other officers.

View from bridge on L'Austral

The Bridge offered sweeping views of the sea, nearby islands, and passing ships.

Journal Passarellel on L'Austral

We also could admire the officers' scrapbooking skills.

Captain and chief engineer certificates on L'Austral

Captain's certificate on L'Austral

On a bulkhead, near the coffee machine, certificates reassured us that the chief engineer and captain had licenses from the République Française.

Ice pilot on L'Austral

This young officer recently qualified as an "ice pilot" for Antarctic voyages. (In the Antarctic, it's standard practice to have both a captain and an ice pilot on board for safety and environmental reasons.)

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L'Austral photos
Ship tour

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