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Day 3: Trogir, Croatia (3)

Trogir waterfront

Couple with dog on Trogir waterfront

Trogir's waterfront was a busy place, with the historic walls of the Old Town facing onto a broad promenade that served as a quay for excursion boats and ferries.

 Trogir has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1997. The town center, which is on an island, dates back to the 3rd Century B.C., when the port was founded by Greek colonists. Many of the buildings in the town center are more than 800 years old, and the city walls (visible on left in top photo) were built in the 1400s.

Trogir-Okrug ferry

Before heading into the medieval part of town, we took a walk along the waterfront, where the Trogir-Okrug passenger ferry was just arriving. (The small ferryboat links Trogir with the resort town of Okrug Gornji on the island of Čiovo.)

MF Šoltanka in Trogir, Croatia

M/F Šoltanka

Jadrolinija car ferry Šoltanka

Šoltanka ferry gangway in Trogir

The MF Šoltanka--a car ferry of Jadrolinija, the Croatian national ferry company--was moored on Trogir's waterfront. The ship, which resembles a World War II landing craft, was built in 1971. It connects Trogir with the nearby resort of Seget Donji and the more distant island of Drvenik Veli.

Excursion-boat signs in Trogir 

Nearby, signs advertised other excursion boats, passenger ferries, and water taxis to beaches and resorts near Trogir. 

Camerlengo fortress

A little farther along was the entrance to the Kamerlengo fortress, which was built in the 1400s Century by the Republic of Venice (which ruled Trogir from 1420 until late in the 18th Century).

Cheryl Imboden by Kamerlengo in Trogir

Camerlengo fortress in Trogir

Kamerlengo fortress wall

Cheryl posed for an obligatory photo next to the fortress, which was imposing but needed a bit of tuckpointing after nearly 600 years.

Swimmers in Trogir harbor 

Swimmers in Trogir Harbor

Sunbather in Trogir

Not far from the boats and the fortress, people were wading, swimming, and sunbathing on the harborfront.

L'Austral in Trogir Harbor

L'Austral was anchored just a short distance from the town, though the ship looked fuzzy in the midday hot-weather haze. 

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