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Day 3: Trogir, Croatia (5)

Canal in Trogir, Croatia

After exploring Trogir's medieval center, we exited via the North Gate and crossed a canal that doubles as a marina.

The canal was lined with pleasure boats. On the north side (above left) was a public market for locals and tourists.

Market stall in Trogir

Watermelons in Trogir, Croatia

Vendors sold fruit and vegetables, baked good, meat, clothing, and many other products.

Market and parking in Trogir

From a footbridge that crossed the canal, we could see the entire market, a large parking lot, and an uninspired modern shopping center in the distance.

Trogir footbridge and Park Forlin

Trogir's Park Forlin and bridge

The view to our south, toward the Old Town, was more appealing: The bridge led into Park Forlin, a large green space between the medieval center and the canal.

HNK Trogir football club logo

The logo of the HNK football club was painted on a building next to the canal. (The club, which has fallen on hard times, celebrated its 100th anniversary this year while seeking financial assistance from fans and other donors.)

House in Trogir

Nearby, a blossoming tree lent color to a stone house.

L'AUSTRAL tender in Trogir, Croatia

L'AUSTRAL at anchor in Trogir harbor

L'Austral in Trogir

As the hot afternoon wore on, we returned to the tender landing on Trogir's waterfront and caught a ride back to our ship.


At 7 p.m., L'Austral's propellers began turning, and we left Trogir behind as the ship set sail for Dubrovnik.

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