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Day 2: Zadar, Croatia (2)

L'Austral at Zadar cruise pier

L'Austral's mooring location in Zadar couldn't have more convenient: The ship was tied up on the Istarska Obala, next to the waterfront park.

L'Austral gangway

Getting off the ship was quick and easy: On a ship the size of L'Austral, there's seldom any need for queuing at the gangway.

Anchor on L'Austral

On the pier, we noticed the glittery metal behind L'Austral's anchor. We assume that it serves a practical function (such as protecting the ship's hull from dents and rust), because we saw the same feature on a number of modern yachts during our cruise.

Pier in Zadar, Croatia

Curious locals and tourists wandered over to admire L'Austral.

Cheryl Imboden in Zadar, Croatia

In the meantime, Cheryl was posing for an obligatory souvenir snapshot on the "Greeting to the Sun," reducing the solar cells' intake by a few milliwatts as she stood on the blue grid.

Sea organ in Zadar, Croatia

Nearby, holes in the pavement emitted musical notes from Zadar's Morske orgulje or Sea Organ, which--like the Greeting to the Sun--was designed by the architect Nikola Bašić as part of a waterfront redevelopment that opened to the public in 2005.

Sea organ pipe opening in Zadar, Croatia

The Sea Organ, which was designed by the architect Nikola Bašić, has 35 polyethylene organ pipes that are sounded as waves and wind force air through a network of tubing. The sound has a vaguely science-fiction quality, but it's pleasant to the ear--although may need to listen for it when the sea is smooth and there's only a slight breeze.

Sea Organ plaque in Zadar, Croatia

A plaque on the waterfront honors the Sea Organ, its creator, and the European Prize for Urban Public Space that the Morske orgulje received in 2006.

Bathers on Zadar waterfront

But there's more to Zadar's waterfront than a pier, a solar light show, and a sea organ: The pedestrian promenade has a series of broad steps where people can sunbathe, wade, swim, or dive into the amazingly clear water.

Zadar seafront park

It's unusual to visit a port where bathers are able to swim right next to a ship. (Above, you can see one of L'Austral's hawsers in the lower right corner of the frame.)

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