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Day 2: Zadar, Croatia (6)

Jadralinija passenger ferry in Zadar, Croatia

From the Roman Forum, it's only about a five-minute walk to the northern edge of Zadar's Old Town, where a gate in the city walls opens onto a promenade called the Liburnska Obala (after the region's ancient name of "Liburnia.") Here, we found a stretch of water that was occupied by ferries, excursion boats, and yachts.

Passengers were boarding a Jadrolinija passenger ferry. (Jadrolinija is Croatia's state-owned ferry service, with more than 50 ships, local ferries, water buses, and hydrofoils of various sizes.)

Rowboat ferry in Zadar

Nearby, a human-powered miniferry carried locals and yachtsmen to the northern (and newer) side of town, where Zadar's main marina and yacht club are located.

Jadrolilnija ferry leaving Zadar

In this photo, you can see the ferry Juraj Dalmatinac (shown earlier) leaving the ferry and yacht harbor on its way to the resort town of Preko, which is 25 minutes from Zadar.

L'Austral in Zadar, Croatia

Before returning to L'Austral, we spent a few minutes enjoying the waterfront.

Bathers on Zadar waterfront

Cheryl (in the turquoise linen dress) joined local women and tourists for an ankle-deep dip in the Adriatic.

L'Austral at Zadar cruise-ship pier

Soon it was time to board L'Austral, where air conditioning and cold drinks were waiting for us.

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