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At sea (2)

Muster stations on Costa Magica

Up on Deck 4, we saw the muster stations for the lifeboats. (Later, a boat drill required us to report to our assigned muster station.)

Chapel on Costa Magica

Altar in COSTA MAGICA chapel

Inside, passengers could pray for a safe cruise in the Roman Catholic chapel, where mass is celebrated daily.

Internet point on Costa Magica

Internet terminal on Costa Magica

The Internet point was located in a hallway on Deck 4, near the muster stations and the chapel. It offered us the choice of using the ship's PCs or our own laptop. Being thrifty, we took a break from checking e-mail during the cruise.

Entrance to discotheque on Costa Magica

Discoteca Grado on Costa Magica

The Discoteca Grado was also on Deck 4. We paid a quick visit during the daytime, when the disco was as quiet as the chapel.

Staircase in Discoteca Grado - Costa Magica

A spiral staircase led to the upper level of the disco, which looks livelier in this Costa publicity photo than it did when we made the climb:

Discoteca Grado - upper level

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