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Departure from Rome (3)

The bus delivered us to one of the temporary-looking cruise terminals along the breakwater in Civitavecchia's harbor. Costa was using the terminal to embark passengers on two ships: Costa Magica and Costa Deliziosa.

Costa cruise terminal in Civitavecchia

The scene inside the cruise terminal may look chaotic in this photo, but embarkation was well-organized: Our luggage was taken from us, we were directed to the line for Costa Magica, and we were given a boarding-group number. The whole process, from arrival to boarding the ship, took no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

Boarding documents at Costa Magica

We'd already completed an online check-in form at home, so the only document we needed to fill out was a "Public Health Questionnaire." (If we'd had a cold or the flu, we probably would have been allowed to board, but the medical staff would have been informed of our condition.)

Costa Magica in Civitavecchia cruise port

After getting the OK to board, we went through security and walked along the pier to Costa Magica.

Costa ship's photographers in Civitavecchia

On our way to Costa Magica, we passed the ship's photographers, who were snapping passengers as they embarked. (We declined the opportunity to pose, since we usually cringe when a camera is pointed in our direction.) 

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