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Marseille (2)

Marseille logo

Marseille public bus stop in Vieux Port

The Costa shuttle bus dropped us off next to a public bus stop in the Vieux Port or Old Port, the heart of Marseille's tourist district. (Downtown Marseille was just beyond the harbor.)

Sailboats in Vieux Port, Marseille

Marseille Old Port with Notre Dame du Mont

The Vieux Port waterfront is arranged in a "U" around a large sheltered boat basin.

Beyond the harbor, on top of the city's tallest hill, we could see the 19th Century basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde. The ornately-decorated church, which honors the Virgin Mary, is a major tourist attraction and pilgrimage site.

Ferry landing in Marseille's Vieux Port

We didn't bother to ride the solar-powered Ferry Boat from the Mairie or City Hall to the Place aux Huiles. However, many tourists do--which shouldn't be surprising, since the municipally-supported ferry is free.

Marseille Metro station - Vieux Port, Marseille

A station of the Marseille Metro was immediately next to the Vieux-Port, but our time in Marseille was too brief to justify an excursion. Instead of catching a train, we crossed the street and walked into the main business district.

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