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Naples (2)

Galleria Umberto I

We headed inland and walked toward the Galleria Umberto I, a domed arcade that was built between 1887 and 1890 as part of an urban-renewal project. Today, the Galleria is a downtown meeting-place for Neapolitans.

Interior of Galleria Umberto I - Naples

Barrel vaulting in Galleria Umberto I

The vast cross-shaped interior consists of building façades linked by barrel-vaulted glass ceilings. At ground level, the Galleria is lined with shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Dome of Galleria Umberto I Naples

Looking up, we got a dizzying view of the barrel vaults and dome.

Pavement in Galleria Umberto I Naples

Even on a Sunday morning, there were a surprising number of people in the Galleria--and in downtown Naples.

Mosaic floor in Galleria Umberto I Naples

We loved the polychrome marble floors with inlaid pictures of mosaic tile.

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